25 January 2010

Tum-Tum's house

Tum-Tum gets to live here!

23 January 2010

Happy Birthday Bridget!

Today must be psyched, because it gets to have Bridget's birthday on it!
I bet the 22nd and 24th are jealous, hee hee.

13 January 2010

Cush'n Cuddle Tum-Tum

One morning I awoke from a dream about a Pomeranian named Cush'nCuddle Tum-Tum.

11 January 2010

06 January 2010

Beard Guy

The first, looking kindly and a bit dopey. But he changed... this!! What a creep!
Now he's sporting a retro look and has regained his dopey demeanor. Hopefully he'll settle on a style so I can finish painting his story!

sketchy faces

procrastination results in things like this on random scraps of paper. i added the green guy in pshop

thanQ card


just for fun

ladies brigade

a gouache/ink/digital construction

happy new year

Silly fashions!

When not doing what I am assigned to do, I tend to do things like this. Prominent-nosed ladies in classic dress. Olle Eksell and Edward Gorey inspire much of these.