08 March 2012

Ouija Outrage

Not sure what's happening here, but it looks like he got some bad news.
"You lie!"
Typical of the sort of thing I find doodled on the backs of unfinished paintings or color studies.

07 March 2012

Rain girl

"It's raining in my small heart!"

05 March 2012

Logo playtime

It's been so, so long since i've been a-posting. What do you think of these logo re-design sketches?
"I'm fancy"

"I look like the Purple Pie-Man."

A tussle with some dust bunnies resulted in a big splinter, AKA 'Sliver'.
I boiled some needles and instruments and, aided by my trusty magnifying lamp, showed it who was boss.
Bye bye, splinter!