31 January 2012

Creepy Tuesday: Thru The Forest

Zobb, Zod and Zildoggs are going somewhere exciting today.

23 January 2012

Narrative Monday: The Eye

"You may drink from the well of all wisdom, but it will cost you."

20 January 2012

Character Friday: Beety

He's Beety

"I've got RUTTS for LAYGS!"

He's always in a pickle.
He is the example of how NOT to behave.
People tolerate him because he's just kind of simple
and doesn't know any better, but then he goes too far
and gets an earful anyway.
Oh that Beety!

18 January 2012

WTF Wednesday

Is it Wednesday? or Tuesday?
I'm so disoriented after the holiday (even tho I'm a freelancer) and battling a dumb cold, coughing myself awake all night despite having NyQuil (now referred to as NyqWON'T), which resulted in a cruel alchemy of extreme drowsiness and inability to fall asleep.  But enough about me, let's talk about THIS:

A small doodle of a nice animal about to be kidnapped.
To tide you over until I'm back to my regular schedule.

13 January 2012

Character Friday: Ashly & Dedna

On Fridays I like to take it easy and introduce you to some of my friends. This is Ashly (l) and Dedna (r).
These girls crawled out of a coffin one day and now they want to hang out all the time. It gets tiring to talk about bats and stuff all day, but they're good peeps.

"Oh my goth - where did you get that purse?"

12 January 2012

Fancy Thursday: Lady Sybil

In honor of the return of Downton Abbey, I've dedicated today's post to my favorite look of Season 1: Lady Sybil's pantsuit!
Prom dress seekers, look no further.
Lady Sybil, you're looking smashing in those harem pants!

If I was, like, 7, I would totally be playing 'Downton Abbey' with Barbies. O'Brien and Lady Edith could be played by The Misfits from Jem and the Holograms.

11 January 2012

What-I'm-Up-To Wednesday: The GLSEN T-shirt project

I've been having fun designing T-shirts lately.
Right now I'm working with Perez Hilton to promote GLSEN (Gay Lesbian & Straight Education Network).
This is a bit of one design. They will be available soon-- details forthcoming!

10 January 2012

Creepy Tuesday: Installment 1

Meet the Creeps! They are having a party with clanging cymbals.
Pictured from left are: Zubba, Zib, Zab, Treecat, Zeek and Zod.
Those blue guys above Zod are Zildoggs.
Kloud is trying to crank the fun up a notch with some electricity. Yikes!

09 January 2012

Narrative Monday: The Trek



They are halfway across the mountain range 
when bear realizes he's forgotten to turn off the oven.

05 January 2012

"Oh you're so silent, Jens..."

...And maybe I am, maybe I am"
-Jens Lekman, Black Cab (Swedish songwriter)

Yes indeed, I have been a small, silent, holiday break-taking, technology hide-and-seek player! Alas, all pleasures must come to an end. I return next week with a new bag of tricks!

Until then please enjoy this vignette from my upcoming children's book Percy and TumTum: A Tale of Two Dogs, due out this Spring from RunningPressKids!

This is kind of how I feel about being on vacation, except on vacation I am usually smiling and have a glass of wine and a smörgåsbord in front of me, and am surrounded by nice people who don't want to lock me up in a cage.