29 June 2009


Meet Beety. A simpleton, a clod, a ne'er do well.
Story #4: Art Class
"I am an Artist," said Beety. "I am a great painter."
He started wearing a mustache, beret, smock and cravat, because that's what artists do.
He sauntered around Art Class telling everyone what to do. It was annoying.

Beety peered over Martin's shoulder. "That doesn't look like a flower to me" said Beety.
He criticized Wanda's use of color,
and picked on Teddy's composition.
Everyone agreed that Beety was acting pretentious.

"Be quiet, Beety. You have no right to talk about our art because you haven't even made any yourself! If you're such a great artist, prove it!" they rallied.
Beety felt foolish. He hadn't realized he must make art to be an artist!

After school he got busy and worked on a self-portrait. He toiled late into the night, because art is not easy.
The next day Beety brought his masterpiece to art class.
"What do you think?" he asked.

"Very nice work!" said everyone.

Everyone except Martin, that is.
"It doesn't look like you" he said.

Now Beety truly was an artist!

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