05 January 2012

"Oh you're so silent, Jens..."

...And maybe I am, maybe I am"
-Jens Lekman, Black Cab (Swedish songwriter)

Yes indeed, I have been a small, silent, holiday break-taking, technology hide-and-seek player! Alas, all pleasures must come to an end. I return next week with a new bag of tricks!

Until then please enjoy this vignette from my upcoming children's book Percy and TumTum: A Tale of Two Dogs, due out this Spring from RunningPressKids!

This is kind of how I feel about being on vacation, except on vacation I am usually smiling and have a glass of wine and a smörgåsbord in front of me, and am surrounded by nice people who don't want to lock me up in a cage.


  1. oh my, what kind of vacation are you on? The no
    work even though you want to kind?

  2. dear Anon,

    Precisely. I was out of town in another state for several days and decided not to work during that time and also not to feel guilty about not working, which is sometimes a struggle for us creatives but Belgian beer helps. Upon my return I was besieged by an AbFab marathon on BBC and went downhill from there, managing little more this week than an outing to see "The Artist" and a few bike rides. Doggy-paddling my way back to the Isle of Diligence, will arrive shortly!