01 February 2012

WTF Wednesday

WTF indeed- it's 60 degrees outside and I would LIKE to be doing this:


Alas, perhaps a bike ride will be just the thing.

I love love love my bike, by the way. It is HUGE and heavy.
I feel so safe and comfy on it. It is much more to my liking than the thrifted 10-speeds I used to ride.
It's a Batavus Fryslan, in case you are curious.
The scarf is from my friend Patrick.
I have a BIG EYE in this picture because I am always wide-eyed when I ride around the city, both because of the landscapes I'm taking in, and because there are lots of crazy antics in the road and if you don't pay attention you will run over people who wander into the bike lane trying to hail a taxi or take a photo, just like I'm doing in this run-on sentence.
Once I rode past a person who said "VROOM VROOM!".
That was funny.


  1. We have a name for those bike here in Holland Hill. Omafiets. Granny bikes. and in a word or 2.. they rule. Keep it real Hill!

    1. Yes Todd, you are living my dream! I'm so Oma-fied, thanks to the Dutch bike shop that opened up around the corner last year. Thanks for 'stopping by' hee hee xoxo



  3. Just had the boys outside for bike ride around the neighborhood. In my mind, a perfect winter day.

  4. Love the story Hill! and the bike is totally you

  5. We're with you, Hill :) Gearing up for a bike, scooter, stroller ride around town but wish we were gearing up for some snowy day activities. No complaints, it is beautiful out there.
    ps ~ love the bike

  6. Great work Jen! As usual...

    Your work is always fun and happy!

  7. I think WTF Wednesday may be my new motto, for more reasons than just the weather! But the biking reminds me of not-so-lazy summer days of peddling back and forth between our houses in Oakland, with one of us riding on the pegs because I did not have a bike!! And once again, I do not have a bike now and yours sounds fabulous. Love your illustrations & stories :)

    1. Oh my gosh Jen, those were the best days! We enjoyed so much fun and freedom... the pegs! Hah. So glad you mentioned this. I should do an illo of summer 1987. Wait I'm dating us! haha xo